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Member DKP
Theoppiz 51.5515 1760
Quickly 224.52245 80
TegisPwNaGe 77.5775 0
Cherryx 2022020 380
williee 72.5725 800
Shiezkebab 72.5725 350
myggzie 29290 0
Vulpitza 1691690 160
trollism 89.5895 280
Brodah 220 80
r3leased 90900 0
Intregal 1051050 1050
Tvrs 204.52045 430
Holocene92 97.5975 100
Keggs 00 0
odiakaeddie 30300 0
Insematix 42.5425 0
Romas 00 0
superlim 00 0
Wolf3d 00 0
bandrei2408 00 0
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Welcome to Bulwark IX. You can apply to the right or check the gallery for our boss kills screenies. You can also access the public version of our forums.

MEMBERS: Register to access the DKP and the Member part of our website (Join Bulwark IX) For any trouble contact me (Theoppiz in-game)
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[IMPORTANT] Tactics for Heart of Fear!

Theoppiz, Oct 30, 12 6:38 PM.
I recommend the written guides at Icy-Veins. For videos, Fatboss' Videos prove themselves to be the best.
We will be grouping on TS 15 minutes early to prepare.

3rd Week in Mogu'shan Vaults!

Theoppiz, Oct 23, 12 1:33 PM.
So, third week was a full week for us. After downing the Spirit Kings one week before we repeated the performance clearing the first four bosses in one day and "awarding" ourselves with 3 days of progress at Elegon. We've had RadioTheo on TS3.FM. Some of us have been ranked (no easy achievement). I want more of that. Let's show them fuckers who Bulwark is. We want you with us!

Check our screenies and logs.
Logs here: CLICKY!
Pics are on the website.


Mogu'shan Vaults Adventures

Theoppiz, Oct 8, 12 6:42 PM.
This week we got together and downed the first boss in Mogu'Shan Vaults. We placed 24th on our realm. We swapped people around. We drew with raid ground markers until my mouse went down. David did all the ready check faster than me (EXCEPT ONE!!!). Cherryx provided us with her endless and tasty food. Overall, I call this a good week. We are hoping for more good weeks and for better weeks.


World of Logs for Monday: WoL
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